Elephant Lion

We went to the Zoo today.  Have I mentioned how much I love the zoo? 
On our way, I asked Jack what animals he wanted to see.  This is what he said:
Jack:  "I want to see the Elephant lion."
Me:  "I have never heard of that animal, where does it live?"
Jack:  "Tijuana."

We are now on the look-out for an Elephant lion.  If you see one, let us know.

 (These pictures are from a few weeks ago, when Ben was able to make it with us.)  


A Daring Adventure said...

Oh my GOSH that is so cute!!

And I've LOVED catching up on the great pictures I've missed recently! Love them all!

Connie said...

Very cute! Are Elephant lions dangerous?! ;)

David L. said...

Oh yes, the infamous elephant lion. I've only heard of such a beast, but I don't know if anyone has ever seen one.

Emily Horrocks said...

out of the mouth of babes...