Almost done.

We've been in Utah for almost a month, and we have loved spending time with family and friends. I have discovered things like "dirty Dr. Pepper" (if you don't know what it is- google it) and kindling a new love of Utah. 

It has been awesome.  Oh and I now have bangs. 

There you have it. Our time here in pictures. We have celebrated both Jack and Thomas' birthdays, ans celebrate Ben's this week. 

We still have a lot to fit in our last week here. And then we will be off to our next adventure in North Carolina. 

I'm very grateful for this adventure that is our life. We have so many people to love and to be loved by. It gives me the strength and courage I need for all of the challenges of life. 

Hugs and kisses. 


The time is coming.

The airplane isn't very far away.  As I type, we have less than a week left. I am unable to clearly identify my feelings, but here are some of them.
I am sad to leave friends here.  I have met some extraordinary people here, who I will be lifelong friends with. Then there are other people who have meant a lot to me, but realistically, I probably won't see again. 

I am nervous about home leave.  We have 30 days of vacation, which is great, but I keep having these really bad dreams about fighting with family and not having a place to stay. 

I am excited to move to North Carolina.  I have only been thinking of the good things, and haven't even considered that there are any negative possibilities.  I am pretty confident that it is going to be great, except for the dream that we had to move into a converted garage that did not have a working toilet, only a squatter out back.

I am relieved that we are leaving Colombo- as Dengue has hit here really hard.  It has always been a problem, but in the last few weeks, several friends have been affected, and one family had 3 of 5 members of their family in the hospital.  Let's just say, in every single one of our prayers, we pray that we won't get it.  And we start each day with a good dose of deet.

I can't wait to have a car.  Two years of tuk-tuks and taxis have had a lot of benefits, but there are also frustrations. It will be fantastic to have a car, and not have the unorganized chaos that is traffic here.

I am leaving here a different person.  I think mostly for the better.  I was able to do most of what I wanted to do.  I got out of it what I put in, and for that I am completely satisfied.  

Sri Lanka will now be a part of me, and a part of my story.  And for that I am grateful.

Here are a few pictures of our time here.  In no particular order.


The big summer concert.

What to say about Thomas' summer concert.  Hmmm...it was a lot of work.  The school asked me to help and I said of course.  They asked me to show up for rehearsal the next day, and I did.  Then they asked me to show up for rehearsal the next day, and the next, and the next.  Six weeks later, it is now over.  I loved being able to go to Thomas' school everyday and get to know his teachers and all of the students better, but it was a time consuming volunteer project. In the midst of rehearsals, they asked me to be the narrator. And since I love to be in front of an audience, it was quite awesome.

Thomas played the part of a crab, and he was definitely the cutest crab under the sea.  

The costumes and the set for this concert were over-the-top incredible. 


Farewell Tour.

Absolutely lazy.
That's what I am. I had to upload pictures from multiple sources, and so these are in no particular order. 

Here is the story.
We were supposed to go to Bangkok last weekend, but there was a little bit of political unrest, so we changed our plans and stayed here in Sri Lanka.  I think all of us are really glad that we did.  It was a lot of fun.  We saw all sorts of awesome sights, and everyone had a great time.  It was great seeing what a beautiful and diverse country Sri Lanka is. This was the first trip that we have ever had that the boys did a great job, and we didn't have any major meltdowns.  It was pretty awesome.

We went to Yala National Park in a jeep, and this was our view during our "Safari".

This was the site of a villa, but it was destroyed by the Tsunami in 2004.

This is a memorial for the Tsunami, each of the metal sheets represents one of the waves that hit Sri Lanka.  It is incredible to see how high the water was.

This was at the train station- I am not sure why they had a separate wash room, but I do know that this was the only non-squatter toilet available. 

On the train.  We stood in the door for a long time, because it was fun to see everything pass by.

When we woke up, there were wild boar outside our room.  

Our first family hike.