A Haircut and Silliness.

Last night Thomas had his first home done haircut, courtesy of Ben.  

Thomas did well, usually when he gets his haircut, he cries the whole time.  This time he only cried was when the hair got in his mouth.
Jack on the other hand cried the entire time Thomas was getting his haircut.  He was mourning the loss of Thomas' hair.
When the haircut was done, Jack would not take a bath with Thomas.  He said that he didn't like Thomas with short hair.  He liked him with long hair.  
Eventually the dramatics ended, and he was able to make peace with the entire situation.

Just in time to play with the props for some pictures.



Nomads By Nature said...

That is hilarious! From the reactions to the photos with props!! Glad all was sorted out in the end and that the haircutting abilities in your home are spot on!

Just US said...

Great haircut! I love that Jack was crying while Thomas got his hair cut and then refused to take a bath with him. What a character!! Love the props!