Winchester, VA

Has anyone ever been to Winchester, VA? The Whitaker's have! If you never have the opportunity to go there, you are not missing much. Ben had training near Winchester for a week, so Jackson and I decided to visit him. It is a small town that has a lot of history. There are a lot of historical buildings, memorials, and other such interesting places to see. One of the must sees is a quaint pedestrian mall, but I went into a shop and decided that I was going to spend too much money and left. Instead, I went to the local cemetery. This cemetery had a section from the Civil war for the Confederate army, it was really cool.

This is part of a memorial for the unknown soldier.
Notice that it is the Confederate States of America.

This was on one of the memorials and I thought it was really neat. I thought about how it could be said of all wars, and all those who die fighting for their country.

I really love going to cemeteries, especially here in the east. It is so interesting to me to see the dates, the names, and brief histories of the people there. It is usually pretty peaceful in cemeteries, and a pretty safe place to walk around. I think about what kind of lives that these people had, I think about what would be said of me on my headstone. My favorite one that I has seen said Emily-His Wife. Anyway, good times in Winchester.

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