Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We always celebrate Cinco de Mayo at our house, and this year was no exception. We went out to a restaurant called Chevy's, and it was delicious. The best part was that we gave little Jack a wedge of lime to see his reaction, and I wish we had a picture of it. He took it and ate it for a few seconds like he liked it. Then he looked at me with an expression on his face like "what have you given me?", then he gave a little laugh and tried to put it in my mouth-as if he were telling me that if you are going to do this to me, I am going to do it right back. It was fun. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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Emily said...

aw jack is so cute! i love the new haircut! i don't think that van is much smaller than jack. but there's only one way to know for sure! so when are we going to get together?