Happy Birthday Jackson!

One year ago, a little one changed our lives. We are so grateful that Jackson joined our family. He makes us smile everyday.

Now, there is no stopping Jackson. We had a great celebration today with our family. Ben wasn't going to be home before Jack went to bed, so we had a breakfast party. It was a lot of fun we had cake and opened presents. Jack had a lovely time. I thought that it was going to be a big mess, but he was a neat eater-even with chocolate cake.

What a great day! It was great to be able to celebrate.


Anja said...

What adorable pictures! You just wait, he'll turn 2 before you know it!

Sarah Cline said...

He is SO darn cute, Emily! Happy belated birthday. I still can't believe we're the proud mamas of 1-year-olds! The time does fly... Love to you and yours!

Liz said...

Oh, how fun! He is adorable! It looks like he had a great birthday.