Our Place.

Since most people will not make it out to New Jersey to visit us, here are some pictures of our apartment. We really love it. There are some funny things about our place, but overall it's great. We still have some things to finish up, but we consider ourselves moved in.
When you walk in the door. The "office" is on the right. They hallway on the left.
The office. The family room is on the left.

The family room. As you can see we have the coffee table blocking Jackson from the TV.

The kitchen.
The hallway. The first door on the right is the bathroom, the second Jack's room, and the room at the end is our room.

The bathroom.
Jack's room.

Our bedroom. I would not subject you to the rest. Things are a little cluttered in our room.
That is the mini tour of our house.


Anja said...

Cute new page! I love your place, looks like you have lots of space!

Janalu said...

You are very on top of things! Our stuff stayed in boxes for a long time!

Shannon Allen said...

I love your place! So cute! Im glad things are going well for you.