Swimming is so much fun! We were so excited when Jack's friend, Harmony, invited us over to go for a swim. It was a really hot day, and the kids loved it.
Harmony and Jack are only two weeks apart, and the parents decided that it would be fun to have a combined birthday party. They are not from this area either, so we are going to have a pretty low key BBQ.
We are so grateful to have good friends in our area, it has made the transition so much easier.
On another note-we had a pretty good 4th of July. It rained on and off all day, so we went to the mall and to Best Buy, and we bought a new TV, this purchase has been planned for awhile. The TV that we had was given to Ben several years ago, so it was time. We went to the store and the sales person who looked about 12, tried everything he could to sell us a bigger and more expensive model. We asked him if he worked on commission, and he said no, that he just tries to get people to buy better stuff from the goodness of his heart. This kid was funny. Anyway, so now we have a new TV, and Ben loves playing his video games on it. To quote Ben "wow, it's beautiful."


Emily said...

he is so cute! Is he walking yet?
Wow his Bday is on Thursday, huh!? Crazy how time flies. Van's isn't too far off either!

Happy birthday Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Your son looked so happy and having a great time with his friend...

I miss summer... we are in winter season now and I just don´t like it... to much rain and cold weather!!!