Saturday morning Jackson, Ben and I were sitting around wondering what we would do with our day. Then-kidding-I said, "How about Hershey, PA?" Ben looked it up on the Internet, and it was only two hours away, so we were off.
It was so much fun. The town smells like chocolate, and the street lights really are shaped like Hershey Kisses! I was hungry just looking at them.
There is an amusement park, but Jackson is a little young for that, so we opted for the free "Chocolate World". There was a fake factory tour, a 3-D movie, and every kind of Hershey chocolate you can imagine. We had such a great time!

Who wouldn't love a place called Chocolate World?

Waiting in line for the "factory tour." The real factory is somewhere else, but this one was a pretty good replica. At the end of the tour- free pieces of chocolate, yummy!

Singing cows-it's all about the milk!

Jackson and his first taste of a chocolate shake! He absolutely loved it. I have never seen the kid drink so quickly in his life.


Anja said...

I love that place! I used to live in PA and we went there all the time! I'm glad you guys had fun, and if you still live there when Jackson is old enough, you should go to Hershey Park!

Janalu said...

You are so lucky! I wan to see singing cows and eat sweets! Jack is so cute!

Monica said...

Is this a dream vacation or what? Chocolate! Looks like you had a great time.