During my trip to the grocery store last week, I was doing great. Jack was in a great mood, I found everything I wanted, and I was excited for the meals we were going to have. I had been in the store for about an hour. At this point Jack is at the end of his rope, and we head to the check out. I have all the groceries out of the cart, and I pull forward to pay. I look in my bag, and guess what? I don't have my wallet! I look at the sixteen year old cashier and tell her that I don't have any money with me. She stops, looks at me, and says that she has to call her manager. I explain to her that my wallet is at home, and I will be right back. Luckily the manager looks at me, then at my adorable kid, and said just hurry back, and they would keep the groceries right there for me. I was so embarrassed. So that in itself is a funny story, but it gets better. Two days later we go to the Home Goods store to buy a basket. Ben, Jack and I are at the checkout, and I look in my bag, and again, the wallet is missing. Ben didn't bring his money with him because he figured that I had it. At least this time, it was because Jack had hidden it in the cushions of the couch. Oh well, what are you going to do?

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Anja said...

That is one of my nightmares, because Chase is always taking things out of my diaper bag which is where I keep my wallet these days. I'm always worried that he would have taken it out and I wouldn't have noticed! Sorry you had to go through that, not fuN!