Christmas Eve

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve. We had our classy spread of cheese ball, crackers, M &M's, cocktail wienies, sparkling cider, gummy treats, and Easy Cheese. It was very yummy. Then we watched Fiddler on the Roof. I know, not very Christmas like, however, we Ben and I were first married we went to the video store to rent a Christmas movie and they were all gone, so we picked the next best thing. Now, it is a tradition.
We opened our Christmas PJ's, read the Christmas story, put out a plate of cookies for Santa and went to bed. It was a very fun evening.
We class up our arrangement by having nice decorations, and our fancy crystal goblets.

Jack in the box.

Christmas pajamas. They don't match, but we all picked out our own, so it works. Maybe next year we can have some sort of theme.

Jack put some cookies out, and Dad helped him write his letter to Santa.

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