Ben had training last week in Chicago, and we thought that it would be fun for Jack and I to tag along. What a disaster. The week before we left, I thought maybe it would be a good idea if Jack and I just stayed at home. The weather looked like it was going to be cold, and I haven't been feeling great. Well, as of Saturday night I wasn't going to go, but then on Sunday morning, we decided to go for it and just go. So we packed up our stuff and we were out the door by 8:30 am.
We made it and things were going well. The hotel was nice, we had a pool, and a great view of Lake Michigan from our window. On Monday, it was raining and cold, so Jack and I went swimming, and hung out at the hotel. Everything went downhill from there...On Tuesday Jack got sick, and we were changing his diaper every few hours, for 24 hours. The next day he had a terrible fever, and then, we thought things were better, and we were going to go to the Sears Tower. We were sitting in the lobby, and Jack threw up. EVERYWHERE. So we spent the next few hours cleaning clothes in the tub, cleaning the stroller, comforting Jack, and doing whatever we could to get the smell out of our small hotel room. (The only saving grace is that because we were at the hotel all we had to do was call housekeeping to have them come clean up the bed, and bring us new towels.) It was a long day/night. The next day Jack was still sick, and I started not feeling well...then it hit Ben. We spent the week in the hotel room, not doing much but being sick. It was a pretty lame trip. I am sure Chicago is a magnificent city, with great sites that we did not get to see, (except what we could see out our window) maybe next time will be better.
Just to ease any concerns, Jack is feeling better, and was a great traveller today, and Ben and I are recovering.

One more note, we have decided that we should not take any more vacations because every time we have tried, Jack gets sick, and we follow after. LAME.


Anja said...

I'm sorry Jack was sick, we've all been sick too! Not fun, especially when trying to enjoy Chicago! I'm jealous!

Emily said...

You are getting close, too, Em!! I can't believe it!! Are you still thinking about doing an at-home birth?
I still need to get rid of some things out of the baby's room, then I'll be feeling more ready. Sad, but I don't even like going in that room..it is too overwhelming!
I'm sorry Chicago wasn't much fun for anyone. Are you still not feeling well with the pregnancy?

Kristy said...

Dude Bummer! How terrible! Seriously, the only thing worse than having a sick kid is not being at home and having a sick kid. Sorry your trip wasn't great. Don't give up though!:) The next one might be great!

Hello There! said...

I've been wondering how the trip to Chi-town went. So sorry to hear that it was a bit of a bust. It's too bad my family doesn't live just a little closer to Chicago, otherwise they could've come up to give you a break.
Chicago is a great city, but honestly, if it was windy/rainy it wouldn't have been too enjoyable anyways.
Glad to hear that you're all feeling better. Hang in there only 2 more months to go!