I have recently been inspired by some of my friends who are very talented and have taken upon themselves some crafty projects. (A lot of friends and family are VERY talented when it comes to all things creative.) It seems that everyone I know is sewing, knitting, quilting, decorating, or scrap booking...the list goes on. I thought I should jump on the bandwagon. This is the story.
I was shopping the other day at the mall and found this beautiful headband at this
store. It was a lot more than I wanted to spend, so I thought to myself-I bet I can make one of these on my own.

I immediately headed to my nearest craft store and purchased the required items. After several frustrating hours and an enormous blister later...

I have decided that I am not crafty. Now, please don't feel sorry for me, or my child(ren). I laugh when I think of it. Crafts are not my talent. It is okay, I am okay. Think of it this way...I recognize the amount of work that it takes to make things beautiful, and will be willing to pay for it.

Side note. When I told Ben that I was going to make this, I think he was laughing on the inside, but supported the fact that I did not spend the money in the store. He was out of town when all of this happened, and would ask how my project was going. I sent him a text the day that things went from bad to terrible telling him about my blister. Later when I showed him the headband and my poor finger, he laughed and asked if I had tried to touch the glue when it was still hot. Yes...that is exactly what I did. He just laughed and said he loved me. He realizes too that I am not crafty, and still loves me. What a great husband.


Anja said...

your so cute! Good for you for trying at least!

Emily said...

Oh Em! I'm sorry about your project turning into a painful disaster!!
I stay away from these types of crafty projects, too.
You should see my "felt book." My sister made one for her daughter and it's sooo cute!! I started one for Van but never finished. It's hard for me to even think of ideas!
At least you tried! Just keep trying because you never know what talents in yourself you might uncover!

Tracy said...

That headband is so cute!!! What store did you see it in? I wish I was crafty enough to make it too.

Sarah Cline said...

I think it's beautiful, actually! - Your sister in un-crafty solidarity

Hello There! said...

I think you are crafty...the card you made for me was awesome. And I count baking as a craft too.
Don't give up on yourself just yet! Each project you work on you will learn something from, whether or not the completed item turns out perfectly.

Janalu said...

Being crafty is far overrated. I consider myself a crafter but it takes up half your life and a whole room and I find I spend more on yarn and beads and scrapbook stuff then I probably should!