This week has been one of those weeks that I want to forget and just start over with a new week. The good news is I had a moment yesterday that really helped, and instead of focusing on all the moments spent crying and frustrated, I will focus on the positive.
It starts when Ben and I were first married. We were both working, and going to school and super busy. We made the deal that I would cook and Ben would do the dishes. How cute. It worked for the most part until we moved here. We do not have a dishwasher here and I HATE doing the dishes. Here is the problem. Ben works long hours, and is out of town a lot, so the dishes started piling up. Let me tell you, I can be very patient when it comes to waiting for the dishes to be done. However, it got to the point that it was pretty gross. I would get frustrated because he wasn't doing his part, and he would get frustrated because he wasn't even there to dirty the dishes. Oh, the dilemma. I would get so frustrated looking at the pile of dishes stacking up. One day I was talking to my neighbor who was telling me about a book she read about how dread is a form of fear, and that fear and faith don't work at the same time. I knew that faith and fear could not be in the same person at the same time, but I had never thought about it in terms of housework, and the dishes. So that night I went home and started praying for the desire to do the dishes. It was part of my prayers every night.
Last night I was doing the dishes, and I actually enjoyed it. I realized last night that my prayers had been answered. Not only did I have the desire to do the dishes, but now, I actually enjoy doing all of the dishes.
I also realized that some of the more significant issues that I have been having a hard time with and praying for will be answered also.
What a little miracle.
(I thought I would add a picture of Jack to make this post more interesting)
Jack loves to do things by himself. Including pouring his own cereal.


Anne said...

Thank you for sharing. What was the name of the book?

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with dishes. I can really dread doing them but once I start I find it really cathartic.

jasonandjodie said...

I had one of those moments about life in general about two weeks ago and I just hope it lasts a little longer. Life is so much fun.
What a cutie Jack is. And what a helper.

Emily said...

Aw I'm glad it seems you've been able to resolve the issue with yourself. We've had dishes issues throughout our marriage, too. You're right, fear and faith cannot coexist. Something I really got out of this last conference was when Elder Uchtdorf said that faith and doubt cannot coexist. Isn't that so true!? How can we be such downers about a situation, but be positive at the same time? Doesn't happen! Justin is gone a lot, too and it's hard for me. I am praying for faith to get through it and realize the situation is temporary.
Anyways I hope your spirits are well. Looks like Jack is keeping you on your toes!!

Anja said...

What a great little personal story for you to share, thanks!

Janalu said...

That's it your getting fancy dishwasher gloves for christmas. I have even seen some with glitter.

Hello There! said...

Looks like Jack loves Cheerios as much as Harmony does! If only you had a dog to help clean up the spilled bits and crumbs. ;-)