May 10, 2009 Mother's Day

Mother's day was never a good day in my house growing up. My mom never liked it because she said that we seemed to argue a little more, the house seemed to be a little more messy, and she wishes she could just skip it.

I learned a lot from my mom, so when Mother's Day comes, I have no expectations. Although, this year, Mother's Day was everything I wanted it to be.

I was spoiled. (If anyone is familiar with the book on love languages-I receive love from special gifts and remembrances-my love can be bought.)

First, I got a new diaper bag, that can be used as a backpack, seen here: (I love it-it makes going up to the third floor so much easier)

I also received measuring cups and spoons, an electric hand mixer, and a new clock for my side of the bed. Ben and Jack really did well this year. It was exactly what I wanted.

My appreciation of mothers has gone up exponentially in the last two years. I love my own mom much more, and think she is a wonderful lady. She and I don't always get along, but I respect her more than words can say. I know that she loves me, and she would do anything for me. I will always look to her as one of the most generous people I know.

I appreciate all those who have played surrogate mom when my mom has been far away. In particular, my Aunt Jodie, who (along with her family) let me live with them for awhile. I am grateful for her example.

I am also grateful for all of my friends who are mothers. For friends and family who I have seen grow into the roll of mother, and for friends and family who have shown me the way. It is amazing for me to watch my friends, who are amazing mothers and women who I look up to and respect for all they do.

I am grateful for this little guy who made me a mom. I learn from him everyday. I am also grateful for my husband who supports my role as mother, and together we make it through this adventure of raising our little guy.

Mothers are amazing, and I am so honored to be one.


Hello There! said...

I recognize that crazy-eyed duck. I sure do miss that little park and the relaxing walk next to the lake. Jack looks like he is getting taller and his hair is getting longer, what a cutie.
Glad that you were spoiled, you deserve it!

Emily said...

Cute diaper bag! What a wonderful Mother's Day!

Jack is a special little man! I'm glad you're a Mommy too. I am learning a lot from you!!

Can you believe we are both going to be a Momma of 2 pretty soon!?

Kristy said...

Oh my how I love your diaper bag! It doesn't even look like one which makes it even cuter! So jealous! Nice pick! Now if my kids can just stay healthy maybe I can make it to church to see you sportin' it. Happy Anniversary too!

Sarah Cline said...

Catching up on your blog and loving every second. This is a simply beautiful entry, Emily. I'm inspired by your gratitude and humility. :)