Still here.

No baby
. The 4th came and went. I know that I am only one day passed my due date, but a song and a poem from my childhood come to mind. Remember that cute little lamb that would sing the annoying song at the end of each show- THIS IS THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDS? For my purpose, I have changed it to This is the pregnancy that never ends. I have even started doing research to see what the longest pregnancy is...not a lot of reliable information.

The poem that comes to my mind is by Shel Silverstein, "Homework oh Homework". This was a favorite of mine, but in this case I have change the words to, Due Date oh Due Date I hate you, you stink. I really have no problem being pregnant, but it's so anti-climatic to have this day that has been so connected to when this little one was to make his appearance, come and go, with nothing. I wish that I had the hope that it could be any day, but right now, I am huge, uncomfortable, and very hormonal. Not a very good combination. Very little hope exists in my pregnancy induced delusional head.
So, we wait. Oh, and I have made up a new due date. October 21, 2010. I think this should be enough time that this little one will be out for sure.


Emily said...

LOL I was planning on texting you today...I am so sorry it's frustrating right now...but hold out till 7/8/09!! That would be so cool!

I can't wait to hear about how it all goes down, and to see pics of the little guy!

I also can't wait for you to attempt handling two boys. :)

Hello There! said...

Ugh, no little guy? Hang in there! A good friend of ours swears by castor oil. She used it to get labor started for both of her kids. So if you get really desperate the CVS in Budd Lake is open 24 hours ;-)

Anja said...

hang in there, as soon as you have that baby, this time will soon be forgotten! Good luck!

Shannon Allen said...

I just heard you had your little-- I mean BIG guy! Congrats!! Cant wait to hear all about it!

Sarah Cline said...

I see from the comment above that you've had your second little boy! Can't wait to hear more and see photos. Be well dear friend and take care. Love you!