All About Jack

One of the great things of having a little kid is they discover new things all the time. Last week Jack discovered A LOT.

The most dramatic thing that Jack discovered was his shadow. One night when he was getting dressed, Ben noticed he was staring at the wall. Ben moved, and Jack watched in horror as Ben's shadow moved with him. He cried and ran out of the room. We spent the next hour (and now, anytime he sees it) explaining to him what he was seeing. He isn't scared anymore, but he is definitely fascinated.

The next thing that he discovered was our web cam. Now, every time I am on the computer, he says "cheese" and comes and sits on my lap. He will stare at himself and make faces for as long as I will let him.

The next thing that Jack discovered was bowling. Ben and Jack went to Game Stop the other day, and Jack saw some kids playing Wii Bowling. He came home and tried it out. Now it is his favorite game. He sets up the "pins", uses his "bowling ball", and then he yells the word BOWL and wants everyone to watch.

I didn't know that they had seen kids playing the Wii at the store, so when Jack set this up, and said the word "bowl" I thought he was a genius. I had no idea where he picked it up, but knew that my kid was going somewhere. Then I was commenting to Ben how amazing our kid was, and he told me that they had seen it at the store. Maybe Jack isn't as brilliant as I thought, but nonetheless, he is a pretty clever boy.

Jack is such a neat kid. I love, love, love watching him. Even though sometimes he drives me crazy, he has a lot of good in him. I am grateful to be his mom.


Emily said...

I love this post! It is so much fun to watch these little ones learn and discover new things. What a good idea to set up a little bowling alley in your house!

Kids sure like to stay busy!

How does he like nursery?

jasonandjodie said...

Sounds to me like he's a genious!

Cabatic Family said...

Hi I hope you don't mind I checked out your blog. I completely agree there is nothing more wonderful than watching your children learn new things. I love watching Cole and seeing how excited he gets when he learns something new!! Jack is getting to be such a big boy! And thomas how adorable is he!!

Hello There! said...

It must be something about this age because Harmony just discovered her shadow in the past few weeks. She loved seeing the up close web pictures of Jack. He looks adorable, as always.

Janalu said...

Hey Reno is like the Bowling capital! We hold lots of bowling comps and tournaments. Maybe he will be world class bowler!