Jack loves cars. He plays all day with his cars. Almost every time we go to the store, we end up with another car. Jack now has quite the collection.

Then one day I was putting something away in one of Ben's drawers and found this:

I started laughing. I asked Ben why he had those ones in his drawer. He said they were really cool and he wanted to have those ones to play with when he and Jack play. I laughed again. What a fun dad.


Hello There! said...

Oh boys (big & small) and their toys! Too cute!
I just bought a few cars today for Harmony after seeing how much she liked playing with Jacks. I'm going to wait until our 8 hr drive back home before giving them to her. Maybe they'll keep her entertained for a little while.

Anja said...

that is hilarious!

jasonandjodie said...

What a fun and funny bunch of boys you've got. I love the new pictures - so cute!

Emily said...

what is it with boys and cars!? they gravitate toward them, no matter how old (apparently). I love it!