The flood has receded.

Today, I can laugh, yesterday, not so much. 
Last night I needed to defrost some shrimp for dinner.  Recommended speed method, place shrimp under cold running water.  That's a great idea, so I put the shrimp in the colander, put the colander in the sink and let the water run over it.  Then, I forgot about it, for about twenty minutes.  Opps.  I also forgot that I had left the stopper in the sink.  {Can you see where this is going?} I came back to the sink overflowing.  The floor around the sink had about an 1/8'' of water, the cupboard under the sink, and next to the sink had about 1/4'' of water, and the drawer next to the sink had an 1" of water in it.  Oh joy.  Every towel I used, I knew that I was going to have to take it to the laundromat.  That, and both of my kids were screaming.  Even better.
I called Ben to let him know about my situation.  Unfortunately, the landlady had already called him to let him know the downstairs neighbors had water dripping from their ceiling.  Ben told her that he was out of town, and to call me.  I had to call the landlady, let her know that it was my mistake, and I was sorry.  Fortunately, she didn't make a big deal of it, and said that I must have a lot going on with two kids, and having Ben out of town.  Oh yes, I played that sympathy card, yes I did.  {Please don't tell me you wouldn't have.} 
Hopefully, it really wasn't a big deal, but we will see what happens when she sends us our deposit back...


Anja said...

oh my gosh, sounds like something i would do! Your so cute!

Emily said...

Believe me, I feel your pain and frustration! Just be glad it's not your property to have to fix!

Also if your neighbors ever complain, just tell them it was clean water and not toilet water!!

Hello There! said...

Oh no, I feel so bad for you! That totally stinks! I think I would have been tempted to just toss all the towels out and go buy new ones.