Hello. Today I am Scarlett O'Hara.

Drama.  Last night as I was feeding Thomas at two in the morning, I was thinking about moving.  I was thinking about what I would miss, and what I was happy to leave.  At that exact moment, the bug bites that I had received the night before started itching so badly, I thought I had chicken pox.  I woke my loving husband and he went to get me some cream to relieve my misery.  I decided I am not going to miss this apartment-not one bit.  Between no laundry, no dishwasher, no disposal, the bathroom that never looks clean no matter how much I clean it, the windows that we can't leave open because the screens have holes in them that let bugs in, the neighbors that smoke, the landlady that doesn't want to fix anything...I am done.

This is when things became a little dramatic.  I thought of the movie Gone With the Wind, and Scarlett O'Hara, who is absolutely very dramatic.  I thought of the scene right before it cuts to intermission-where she stands and says, "As God as my witness, I'll never be hungry again."  Then I picture myself in the same scene, holding a laundry basket and a dish wand saying, "As God as my witness, I will never live like this again." 
So today, I am Scarlett O'hara.  Watch out. 


Hello There! said...

Gone With the Wind is one of my top 5 movies. Now everytime I watch it, I will think of you and NJ. hahaha

Jessica said...

This brought a big smile to my face. I will now be visualizing a few dramatic moments for myself.