Lovely alliterations and Hummus.

I love commercials.  The other day I was watching TV and a commercial for Sabra Hummus came on. In the commercial, the couple is shown eating hummus and they felt that they were in the Mediterranean on vacation. I wanted it {both the hummus and the Mediterranean vacation}.
I felt that I really needed hummus because as I was driving to the grocery store, I was behind the Sabra truck.  {It was a sign}  When I found the hummus section of the grocery store, there were so many choices. Then I saw it: LUSCIOUS LEMON. Hummus with an alliteration in the name, I HAD TO HAVE IT. I LOVE ALLITERATIONS! More than that, anything with the word LUSCIOUS used to describe it has to be amazing, right? Then to make things even better, the distributer {the driver of the previously mentioned Sabra truck} complimented me on my selection. Oh my. I LOVE COMPLIMENTS. I can be bought with compliments.
So later that night, as I was enjoying my Mediterranean vacation with my luscious lemon hummus, I realized, what a product of TV I really am. I think I might need to get a life.
But the hummus was REALLY amazing, and my hunky husband complimented my choice in snacks. {Again with the compliments.} It was a good day to be in the Mediterranean.


Hello There! said...

This makes me giggle. So many times I stood at Shoprite and eyed the lemon hummus but wasn't sure about trying it. Now that I know it truly is luscious I'll have to get some.
I really really miss Lebanese Traverna in VA. Just the thought of their hummus makes me drool a little. Yet another reason why VA is better than NJ ;-)

Tracy said...

You are hilarious.

Tracy said...

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jasonandjodie said...

You make me laugh - we are so similar in some ways it's scary. I actually sometimes go to the furthest away grocery store that doesn't have half of the food and is more expensive, but they sell hummus that's made at a local restaurant and is spicy and delicious.