The Cutest Things.

Thomas is getting bigger and stronger by the day.  He is so much fun to have around.

Jack is growing into a little man.  He is, as always, very independent and extremely smart.  We are surprised everyday by the things he does.  He is learning his numbers and letters, and he points out all of the ones he recognizes wherever we are.  He loves to watch Mythbusters, dance around the house, and play cars.
He makes us laugh and brings a lot of joy to our family. 


Hello There! said...

Jack sure is growing into a little man. And Thomas is noticably bigger each time you post pics. Ben is loving his play gym as well. (And I love it too because he is entertained and my hands are free to do something other than hold him ;-)

Emily said...

Mythbusters!? No way! Jack sure is growing up! Has he tried out potty training at all?
And Thomas is just cuter by the minute!!

Glad to see you working out your anger on the other post. You should try something with yourself so there is some kind of incentive involved. Like, make it a goal every day to not raise your voice to anyone in anger. If you do it every day for a whole week...go out and buy yourself something pretty, or a sweet treat!!

Liz said...

Thomas and Jack are both so adorable! They are getting to be so big!