When Ben is Gone.

I always miss Ben when he is away. He has had to travel a few times in the last month, and I have been able to experience two kiddos by myself. It has not been that bad...some days are better than others, and there was one day that I was wondering if there was such thing as a boarding school for preschoolers...

I try to make the best of it.
I make all of the foods that Ben doesn't like to eat. I get to eat them without feeling badly that he doesn't like dinner. This time I had mushroom ravioli with pesto sauce, green salad, and bread pudding for dessert. The next day I had chicken pillows (crescent rolls with chicken) and ice cream.
I watch all the movies that Ben normally complains about. This time I watched, Pride and Prejudice (the newest version), The Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. This is one of my favorite parts; I get to watch WHATEVER I want. Once the kids are asleep, I turn on a movie of MY CHOICE!
Now, these things are great, but then, I have to go to bed by myself. I have to make sure the doors are locked, everything is turned off, and that everyone is safe. It is the loneliest time of the day.

Even though I don't always get to watch the movies I want, or eat the food that I want, I would take Ben being home over all of that.

I love when Ben comes home, he brings all of us treats. This time it was fabulous chocolates! YUMMY!

This is Ben when he is away.  This is Jack and I when Ben is away.


jasonandjodie said...

I like it. All of it.

Anonymous said...

I understand you so bad... you have to see the nice part of it though... let me see...
1.- You have 2 kids
2.- You don´t have to work and you can take care of them
3.- You can talk by phone with Ben almost everyday, right?
4.- Ben is at home any other day during the month
5.- while Ben is out you do everything you want and like (I think that is the best part of everything when our husbands are out of ours houses!!) jiiji

Just look at me!! I can talk by phone once a month with Julio, he is not at home for about 3 months, I have only a dog to talk with and I am everyday stress because of my job...

You have to take always the best part of everything....and the delicious part when they are at home jijiji...
Don´t give up... you have a lot of things to do and teach to your kiddos!!! The future is bright!

Kolena locksa said...

I love the Scarlet Pimpernel!!!

Emily said...

Fun times getting to watch what movies and shows you want without that ol' nag around!! hehe :) I know what it's like to miss someone though. I guess you just have to make the most of what time you do get together.

Hello There! said...

A preschool boarding school?...I like that idea! I agree evening and nighttime are the loneliest since I'm used to him being gone during the day. But it is nice once and awhile to be able to watch my shows, or work on crafty stuff or just do nothing without having to feel guilty that I'm not doing what he wants to do.