Jack and The Grandparents.

We came down to Virginia a few days before Ben's training began so that we could spend some time with my parents.  They happened to be visiting VA for a retirement ceremony for my pa. 
What a treat for Jack. He was able to spend two days with Grandma and Grandpa.  Jack was in HEAVEN!  He was able to have two loving adults spend every moment paying attention to him.  What a lucky boy.
Boy, were we happy also.  He was such a good kid.  We were able to eat at a restaurant without a major upset for the first time in over a year.  He was so well behaved, I could cry. 
For instance, they came home from the store, and my mom said, what a good boy Jack was, "we told him he could pick out a toy, and he went to one toy, picked it out, and was so happy and content". 
I thought this was great because just two weeks ago, a trip to Walmart had ended in blood, sweat and tears for that very thing.  I had told Jack he could pick out a special toy, and he chose a toy, but kept changing his mind.  Finally, we went with the one in his hands.  As soon as we left the toy aisle, he started crying because he had changed his mind again, and we left with nothing. 
I am glad, though, that he was good for his grandparents, because at least he knows HOW he is supposed to behave even if he doesn't do it for me.

On another note, Ben shaved his head this week.  He gave up the battle of the receding hair line. 

I think it looks great.  He is also growing a goatee, super hot. 


The Teeples Times said...

It is so fun for kids to be with their grandparents who love them so much!! Glad you could be with them, I'm sure it was wonderful to see some family again. So sad you guys are gone!! Glad the move went pretty good - can't believe the pizza comment - geez!! Take care and enjoy it!!!

Emily said...

haha oh Jack!! Nice how he'll be SO good for the grandparent's, but terrible to his Momma! He is trouble!! He's probably already working on teaching all his tricks to his little brother!
How fun to see your Ma and Pa...and show off your hubbies new do! My hubs hasn't quite given up on the Battle himself but I think going bald is a great way to stand defeated!

A and L Stapley said...

Well hello! How fun that we meet through our blogs... :) thanks for commenting on mine, that is awesome that you know someone that went to the mission my brother will be going to, we are so excited for him!

I would agree, Ben looks pretty good with a shaved head... Aaron's brother Brad has given up in the fight too and shaved his head. ;)