Master Jack.

I have taken a ton of pictures of Jack the last little while, unfortunately his speed and the speed of my camera don't match.  Most of the pictures don't include all of Jack. 
These are a few of the pictures I have been able to get.  One morning he was playing on the computer, and instead of yelling I took some pictures, then turned on some music, and he couldn't resist the beat.  He is a great dancer, and he loves moving around to the music.
Cute story about Jack.  Ben has been doing push-ups and sit-ups getting ready for some physical test he has to take in a few days, and Jack has been joining him.  {Usually by jumping on his stomach or back.}  When we went to the doctor for Thomas, Jack wanted to show off his new skill and got down and did some push ups.  He did them for anyone who would pay attention.  He looked so cute going up and down, looking around to make sure someone was looking. 


Jessica said...

That makes me laugh because I think of teenage boys doing push ups and looking to see if anyone is watching. Then again, if he starts now he could be a body builder by the time he's 8.

Liz said...

That is awesome that Jack does push-ups, I wish I could see that. LOL I love the picture where he looks like he is getting ready to do a karate kick. Maybe he is meant to be the next karate kid!?

Emily said...

haha Jack just makes me smile! I love dancing kids. TOO cute!!

Lesley said...

Man your kids are getting big!! How are you guys doing? It's been a while since I have heard from you!