The move.

Last week was our big move.

We have been preparing for weeks in order for things to go smoothly. For this move we had to plan for three different shipments, long term storage, stuff going straight to Mexico, and stuff going to Virginia. We have a weight limit for each, so we had to carefully plan what stuff was going where. This can be quite a process with different seasons of clothes, kids growing quickly. We had to try to plan what stuff would fit who and when. A lot to think about.

The movers came on Thursday and Friday.
Ben was in charge when they came. Jack, Thomas and I checked into a hotel to stay out of the way. (Trying to keep a curious two year old out of the action is almost impossible.)
The ones that came on Thursday were nice enough. They came, packed up all the items going into long term storage, and left.
A different group came on Friday. They were a little disgruntled. It seemed that all they wanted to do was tell us everything they didn't/couldn't do. That was fine, we just had to rearrange some things. Then Ben asked about lunch. We thought it would be nice to buy them pizzas. Ben asked what kind of toppings they wanted. The response was, "we had pizza yesterday, we would like something else." Wow, that was unexpected. What could we do? They are handling and packing all of our stuff. We didn't want any "accidents". Frustrating.
After all of that, our things are now packed and gone.
We are not sad to leave, but we will miss all of the wonderful people we have met here in New Jersey. We are better because of them.

Jack and all of his excitement.


Tracy said...

Wait, you are moving to Mexico? Did I miss the post where you announced this already?

Anja said...

Who does that!? Some people can be so rude!
good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

Emily said...

So this means you are in VA!!!???? YAY!!! When you guys are feeling settled, we'll either come up or you are always always welcome to come down. And I want to see you a bunch while you are here....k? I can't wait to meat Thomas!

Oh and what is UP with the movers on Day 2...I'd think if you are offered free food...you take it and not ask for something else. Some people!! Rude!

Jessica said...

Empty rooms are surprisingly entertaining. I can't believe the rude demand for something other than pizza, I hope they did a good job. Good luck with the rest of the moving process, I'm sorry that we don't live anywhere near you. It would be nice if we could help.