Ben was gone last week. As far as weeks go with the kiddos, it was great.  We had some challenging moments, but nothing some food and a nap couldn't fix.  To celebrate our week, I thought it might be fun for Jack and I to have a special night.  So on Thursday, we had a "date night" with Trader Joe's Chocolate Decadence and Target's Strawberry Pomegranate Italian Soda.  Very fancy.  We had a good time- Jack ate most of the cake, and I drank most of the Italian soda.  That works, right?
We both had a great time, but we are both so glad that Ben is home. 
Now I get a date night with my main squeeze.  What a lucky girl I am...two dates in one week with two amazing guys.


Emily said...

That is fancy!

I'm thinking I should take a day off some time and come up and hang out with you and your boys. Wouldn't that be so fun? I want to get together again soon, but we are busy every weekend this whole month! I'm sure you guys are doing just the same!

And regarding your previous post - I am so jealous! I have the WORST luck. I'll enter every contest and won't win anything. And awesome they found your stuff! YAY!

Emily said...

That sounds like fun. If not, this is a crazy time of year, and the first of year would be good to. Our schedule is pretty open, just let me know.

Emily said...
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Hello There! said...

mmmm Trader Joes. I really miss that place. The closest one to us is like 3 hours from here.
I love the look of concentration on Jack's face in the last picture. You are a brave gal trusting him with a glass wine goblet and dark juice. I don't think I'd try that out with Harmony because I'm sure it would end in disaster!