Forward. Backward.

Two stories about my cute Jack.

The first story. Jack loves Sesame Street. I love Sesame Street because he has learned his letters and numbers and reports every number and letter he sees. Not only that, but the other day he started singing forward, backward, and moving forward and backward as he sang. It took me a couple of minutes, but realized that he had learned this song/dance from Sesame Street. (Has anyone seen the forward backward skit with a bunch of kids going forward and backward from a line?) It was so adorable. My kid’s a genius.

The second story. Jack is a picky eater, and does not eat much. Every day is a struggle to get him to eat almost anything. Today I tried the --if you eat a bite, I will give you a...{I am not going to tell you what it was because I don't really want anyone to know what a sucker I am, but it was something sweet}. Anyway, it worked. I was able to get him to eat two entire chicken nuggets. I was so proud. The best part, I was cleaning up lunch and found one of the chicken nuggets under the table. At least it was half eaten. I felt like singing, forward, backward, backward. My kid is a genius.


Rebekah said...

We miss you!!!!

Emily said...

Oh Becky! I miss you! I hope everything is going well! I am glad you left a comment.

Emily said...

That kid IS a genius!!
How cute for him to dance around to the song, too.
And I love your new title!

Jessica said...

Under the table...the kid is sly. He could have a career in Vegas, although thats not something to aim for I guess.

Anonymous said...

We learned a lot watching that program... I remember a cousin of mine who learned what means near and far... hahahahaha.... he ran until the end of the back garden and yelled "far", then ran back close to us and yelled us: "near" ... hahahahahaha

it is a great program...

keep going Jack!!!

Hello There! said...

Is is safe to guess that Santa will be bringing Jack some Sesame Street stuff this year?
The chicken nugget story makes me think of me as a kid. I hated hamburger but my mom would make me eat it. I discovered that our table had a ledge up underneath, so I would hide bits of whatever I didn't want to eat on it. Then I would "volunteer" to sweep up after supper and would quickly ditch the evidence. But Jack has obviously learned this little trick much earlier than I did, I was in elementary school at the time!