Just Joking.

Jack told his first joke today. {Joke meaning that he said something with the intent of making us laugh.}
Here is how it went:
Me: How was nursery today?
Jack: Good.
Me: What did you do?
Jack: Sing.
Me: What did you sing?
Jack: Choose the right.
Me: What else did you sing?
Jack: Toys R Us (with a serious face)
Me: Really? Toys R Us?
Jack laughs almost hysterically and continues to say Toys R Us, each time laughing harder and harder, making sure we laugh with him.
What a cute kid.


jasonandjodie said...

That's adorable and so funny. It makes me wonder what was going through that little head.

Emily said...

I just laughed out loud! That is hilarious!!! I love that he has a sense of humor!

Hello There! said...

Oh Jack, that is just too cute! All of those holiday gift commercials have definitely soaked into his little noggin. And what a sly little way for him to hint that he wants you to do your shopping at ToysRUs. Harmony has started to point out the toy commercials on tv and then tells us "ho, ho bring me this".

Emily said...

Michelle, Harmony is so cute. I think Christmas with our little ones is going to be the best yet.
I hope you guys are having fun as a family!

Jessica said...

Thats awesome. You should ask Brittany about her first joke, it was about apples and oranges...she started out simple.