So Embarassed.

The kids are sick. It started on Friday when Jack started a fever. He also had a stuffy nose, cough and misery. Thomas followed on Monday morning with a fever of his own. It has been a rough few days.

Because of sick kids, I decided Monday was going to be a day off. We were staying in our pajamas, we were just going to hang out in my room, watch movies, and I was not going to do any housework. At 2:45, both of the boys were asleep, and I happily joined them. At 3:00 there was a knock on the door. {You know that moment when you wake up and are in the sleepy fog? That was me.} I rushed to the door in my pajamas, trying to make sense of the world around me. I open the door and I saw a man and a woman standing in front of me, looking like I should know they were coming. Oh…shoot…I forgot. The apartment office was sending someone to check our internet connection. I turned from the door and faced the living room to let them in. DISASTER. There were blankets, binkies, pillows, toys, and the laundry basket with the clothes that I had washed but hadn’t put away. I hadn’t showered, I couldn’t remember if I had put on deodorant, but at least my teeth were brushed. I was horrified. I was coming out of my sleepy fog to the realization that these people were actually inside my apartment. I started clearing off the couch and the floor, trying my best to play it cool. It didn’t work. Luckily, Thomas woke up at that very moment, and I ran to get him. I came back, apologizing. “I am sorry for the mess, the kids are sick.” I am not quite sure they believed me, because now instead of just me in my pajamas, Thomas, also in pajamas, was proof that I was a slob. Thomas was in good spirits, and didn’t show a sign of the miserable sick baby that he was just an hour before. At this point, I am trying not to burst into tears or laughter, when Ben walks in. He looks at me, looks at the apartment, looks at the people, and gives me a look of embarrasment. He starts picking up, and also trying to play it cool with “the kids are sick” line. They left, and Ben just said “rough day, huh?” Yes, it had been a rough day.
The internet people are coming back today. The kids are dressed. I am dressed, I sprayed perfume, and maybe I’ll have something baking when they come.  That will help, right?

{I would like to mention that Ben cleaned the kitchen and the living room without giving me a hard time, he told me to relax, and not worry about it.}


ashley said...

oh i love your stories!
i hope today goes better...
i can think of many times where i was the one barging in with my companion as missionaries- can't you? hope your internet is insanely fast now!

Janalu said...

They are internet people--trust me they have seen way worse and I boubt they care. Your secrets are safe with the internet people.

Hello There! said...

Isn't that how it always works? As soon as you get to rest, something happens...the mailman rings the bell, maintenance guy stops by, random relatives drop in, dog barks, phone rings, sirens go off, kid upstairs bounces a basketball, etc etc. It is some weird phenomenon that can't be explained!
Good for you for giving yourself permission to let things go for a day. Who cares what the internet people think!?! After Feb. you'll probably never see them again anyways. And if they are parents themselves, then I'm sure they understand how quickly a clean house can go to a total disaster when there are kids around.
Hope the little guys are feeling better and that you're able to get some rest after a crazy couple of days. There's nothing worse than sick kids :-(

Hello There! said...

P.S. Your post makes me think of a sign I saw somewhere
"My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it"

Emily said...

I think anyone with kids can relate to this! If I was a SAHM I betcha 50% of the time we would all hang out at home in our PJs!
Imagine all the people out there who live filthy, disgusting lives and who just AREN'T embarrassed!! Ever see Hoarders?
Nice to have hubby help you clean up the mess!

Jessica said...

Good man.