I would not call myself a "daddy's girl."  That title just doesn't describe the relationship that I have with my dad.  However, today, I think it is the closest I have felt to being the "daddy's girl". 
On Tuesday night my flight from DC to SLC was cancelled.  After calling and holding and waiting for a new flight, I was rebooked.  The only itinerary available was one with two connecting flights, making my trip twice as long and would mean my day would begin at about 2:30 am in order to make the 5:45 am flight.  I must say this was a little daunting. 
Then, my dad called and said he was still trying to fly out to help me.  I didn't think it could be done, but he spent ALL day looking for flights.  He wasn't able to make it here to DC, but he is going to meet me in Atlanta, and fly with me for our long flight to Phoenix then on to Salt Lake.  I am so happy, actually happy doesn't even begin to describe.  I know that it is going to be a long day, but my dad is going to be there. 
A huge miracle. 
I am so grateful for my dad.  He has really pulled out all the stops to help me, and it makes me feel special. 


Anja said...

I bet you feel so relieved! I'm glad you have your dad! :)

Tracy said...

How long is your layover in Atlanta? If your flight ends up being delayed, remember I live in Atlanta and can come see you at the airport!

Hello There! said...

Pheeeeeeeeeew! (That is me letting out a huge sigh of relief for you!)
I am so glad things worked out. I think your Dad deserves Father of the Year!

jasonandjodie said...

I agree - he is the best. Just reading that has made this hormonal woman cry, and I know how wonderful he is! I'm glad he was able to still help you out and I hope everything goes well. We'll keep praying for all.

Jessica said...

YAY Super dad!! When I was younger I used to think he was Superman, he looked a bit like Christopher Reeve to me.