Utah. Cool Mountains.

We made it to Utah.  I will blog more about our trip when I can get pictures up, but for now, I will let you know that we made it.  I didn't think we would.  After cancelled flights, snow that just wouldn't stop following us (our flight was rumored to be on the verge of cancellation in Atlanta), missing co-pilots, two really tired kids, we made it.
The first words that Jack said when we pulled out of the parking garage- mom, cool mountains.  He loves the mountains as much as his dad does.
Our week here has flown by and we are meeting Ben in San Diego on Saturday.  I am so excited to see Ben.  We have been apart much longer than one week before, but this has been an exceptionally draining week, and his absence has been felt much more than usual. 
Until we get internet in Mexico...


Jessica said...

It was so fun to see you and your kids. Thanks to the blog I feel like I know them a little even though we don't get to see you much.

I love that Jack admired the mountains. Living here we almost forget they are there, sometimes it takes going away for awhile to realize how awesome they really are. Without the mountains I have no sense of direction.

Horgy said...

We are so glad you hung out with us in your Utah layover. We miss you already! Hope all goes well for you in your new digs.

Lisonbee said...

I forgot to give you a can of mase (I think that is what it is called) so you be safe in Mexico and dont smile too much at the men - they will think you are hitting on them!! :0)