Date Night.

I experienced my first moment of fear here in Tijuana.  It wan't really justified, I think I have just seen too many movies.  Let me tell you what happened. 
It was a Friday night.  The kids were at home with my sister, I was dressed in my party dress, and I even painted my toenails.  It was perfect.  I picked Ben up from work, and we headed down to an Argentinean restaurant that had great reviews.  When we arrived I chose our seats, next to the window.  I thought that it would be fun to watch the people and the cars go by.  We were enjoying our big pile of meat, and in walks a Federal Police officer.  He was followed by several other people and others outside the door.  It's okay, they were just coming in to eat dinner.  No big deal, right?  Then I look out the window.  There are lights flashing, and several Suburban looking vehicles all driving by in motorcade fashion.  I look, and inside the vehicles are military type guys with huge guns sticking out the windows.  At that moment, I wish that I did not pick the table by the window.  I am pretty sure my heart skipped a beat.  Car after dark car drove by with more and more guys and more and more big guns.  Nothing happened.  It was probably some sort of State visitor that needed a protective detail, but in this little head of mine, things were about to break bad.  Pretty dramatic, huh?  Oh, then on the way home we were stuck in traffic because of police check points.  Oh, Tijuana, how I love the adventure. 
We spent our Saturday night listening to music and sitting in our backyard.  We have very high walls, security lights, and razor wire to keep us almost worry free. 
We will see what happens on next weeks date.


Jessica said...

I would've been panicky and planning out my exit strategies. Scary!

I watched either 20/20 or Dateline on TV one night and I can't decide if its good. It can make you think about what you would do if you were ever caught in a weird dangerous situation so you can have a plan ahead of time.

But it can also just freak you out and keep you up late at night thinking about the horror of it all.

Janalu said...

I think you were pretty justified. You never know but at least you had Ben there to protect you in case anything went down.

Bfiles said...

hi, I've been enjoying your blog as I'm an FS candidate with 2 kids and a dream of being posted to Mexico. I can't remember if I've posted here before. I've linked to your blog from mine, let me know if you object. I can totally understand your fear especially given recent events. Hope you can feel more secure as you get more familiar with your new home.

Hello There! said...

Whoa, that does sound like something out of a movie or tv show. Good thing it was just the two of you and not the whole family!