The Face of Pain.

I think I have had enough of dentist talk, but it has been my life for the last week.  Last Monday I had a root canal, but they couldn't finish it, so they had to finish it on Friday morning.  Friday afternoon, I had my wisdom teeth out.  It is some of the worse pain I have ever experienced.  I don't handle pain well.
I put these pictures and this post to remind me of the pain.  Not only do I not handle pain well, but I don't handle hunger very well.  Just ask my family-it has not been pleasant.
I have officially taken plastic surgery off my lifetime to-do list.


Anja said...

ahhh, don't say that, I have to make an appt to get my wisdom teeth out soon!

jasonandjodie said...

I'm sorry it's been so rough! Our prayers are definitely for all of you to get through this quickly.

Tracy said...

Sorry about your teeth, but how do you look so freaking good after two kids?? I only have one and am about 6 times as big as you. I'm not sure we can continue this friendship. I'll have to think about it.

Liz said...

I am so sorry for you! That is the worst! Hopefully you will recover quickly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey.

OH, **HONEY**.

You look So. Very. Miserable.

I am so very, very sorry!

Bless your heart.

Oh, and a quick aside... plastic surgery shouldn't have been on the to-do list anyway, as you are adorable. So no loss there. :)

Get well wishes coming your way from TX...

Janalu said...

Oh shoot that looks like a big bummer. Well at least wisdom teeth don't grow back right so you won't have to go through that again.

Z. Marie said...

Hi! I don't know whether you remember me, but we met at church while you still were in Virginia.
Poor thing! It looks very painful! I hope you had all four wisdom teeth at once, though, to minimize the misery. (I didn't and was so sorry later.)

Kristy said...

Poor Emily! I wont lie...I giggled a little bit...just a little! :) It totally brought me back to getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I think I have some of the exact same pictures of myself(but I was in high school and the cute guy that I liked came to visit me and I was mortified as I realized I looked like one big massive chipmunk...I would much rather having the security of eternal love:) haha) Cute pictures...this too shall pass:)

Jessica said...

Ouch. I hope you've got good pain pills.

Emily said...

You better listen to all the post surgery instructions!

Or believe me, it could get worse.

Ever hear of dry sockets??

You have been warned.

And I am so so sorry - you do look miserable!! Poor lil chipmunk cheeks. I hope you get to feeling like yourself once again. A new, wisdom teethless, cavity-free, Emily!

Janalu said...

Oh dang that does not look fun. But just so your BIL knows, I LOVE my dentist! He is a good BYU boy from Utah. Leave it to me to find the dentist from Utah in Reno:) And if it makes you feel better, I accidentaly slapped Matt in the face the day after he got his out! Opps, that probably doesn't make you feel better sorry:(