Tijuana. Day Four.

We had a rather quiet day. We did go up to the border to get our SENTRI Cards (allows a fast pass through the border). We decided that we would take advantage of our State side appointment and go to the grocery store. We were able to buy some baby stuff and some of the foods that Jack will eat. We can get almost everything in Tijuana, but we like our certain brands, and some of Jack’s foods are more expensive in Tijuana because they are imported. It is a great advantage having the border right down the road.

In a way, I am a little disappointed because I don’t really feel like this is a true overseas experience because we can run to San Diego anytime we need anything, but if you are able to go and get stuff, why deprive yourself?

We came home and had lunch outside. I am not sure what the temperature was, but it was BEAUTIFUL. My skin hasn’t been exposed to so much sunshine in a really long time. I think we were all in a little shock by the warmth and happiness we felt after spending an hour in the sun. The day was pretty good, and since there isn’t much to do without internet or TV, we went to bed early, again.

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Ben and Kristin Call said...

Sounds like you're having so much fun! I'm so jealous. Ben and I are hoping to get some overseas assignments sometime with this current job or maybe the next.