Easter and an Earthquake.

What an exciting day.  We woke up and had an amazing breakfast with eggs, sausage, pancakes and my favorite, chocolate croissants.  Oh how I love chocolate croissants.  They remind me of Paris.  Oh how I love Paris.  I digress.  Today was great.  Jack got an Easter basket, complete with one blow-up pool and a lot of chocolate.  He was thrilled.  Then, we had an Easter egg hunt.  I can't believe how much Jack loved it.  Everytime he found an egg, he jumped up and yelled, I found it, I found it.  We ended up doing it twice, just so we could watch his excitement.  It was one of those moments that having a two year old makes life amazing.
Then all of us took a nap.  Can you believe it?  ALL OF US!  Then, the house started shaking like crazy.  I was in a sleepy fog, and thought a big truck was driving by, but then it lasted too long, and the shaking was too strong.  I grabbed Thomas, and ran into Jack's room to check on him.  By the time we all reached each other, it was over.  Luckily, we had no damage, and we are all okay.  It was our first Earthquake here.  We found out that some of the people here had things falling off the walls, and one family had some damage to a water pump with slight flooding of their garage, but as far as we know, nothing major.
What an exciting day.  Happy Easter.


Jess said...

You guys have had a lot of excitement since you moved there! I'm with you on the two-year-old/excitement thing. Lindsey went crazy finding all of her Easter eggs. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun there!

Bfiles said...

I thought of you when I heard the news. Glad it was minor for you.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!

Glad all is well and that it wasn't too strong and that you guys didn't have any damage!


Horgy said...

Sounds like you are having quite the adventure. I am so glad you are enjoying your time. Don't give up on Spanish- it will come. You will both be great with the youth - ENJOY!

Hello There! said...

This is one Easter you certainly will remember! I am glad that everyone is safe and sound. Hopefully, this is your first and only earthquake while you are there in Mexico and now it's out of the way early on.

Jessica said...

Woa! Was Jack scared by it at all? Eden is extremely scared of earthquakes. She hasn't experienced one but she's heard enough that it scares her.