Enjoying the Spoils of My Ambition.

I am a self-proclaimed non-cook/baker.  I had pretty good skills as a child but around the time I reached adulthood, I lost all ability to cook/bake.  I once made a Chocolate Chip Pie that looked like butter soup, there was the Thanksgiving that ended all attempts at cooking a holiday meal ever again, and recently there was a meatloaf that could have been served in a school cafeteria as mystery meat.  Not good. 
However, today was a small success.  The chocolate chip cookies that Jack and I made tasted really good. 
One point for me. 


Jill said...

Woo hoo!!

And more importantly ... are those Ikea plates now coming in orange??

If so ... must have some!

Bfiles said...

nice job! Too bad your kids didn't like them, though.

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh my GOSH! Those pictures are so totally adorable - I love how your littlest one is just covered in it! Too cute!

Oh, those days... they go by so quickly...

Liz said...

Yea for Emily! I agree with you that cooking/baking is very difficult. I have to have an easy recipe, and then follow it exactly for any of my attempts at a meal to be edible.
I love that both boys are covered in chocolate! It proves how good those cookies were.

Emily said...

i cannot believe that baby of yours! He demolished those cookies!!
Em, you should totally start getting into food blogs. I've learned SO MUCH from ourbestbites.com. I'm definitely no great cook, but I'm learning!!

Janalu said...

I also am a non-cook for lack of enjoyment, the cleaning up part is not really for me. But I did make some cupcakes last saturday, but they were out of a box, and frosting from a can. But I totally had to set the oven so it counts:) Good mom for making cookies!