Oh to be a mom.

I am grateful to be a mom.  I love watching these two boys grow and develop into little people.  Thomas is full of curiosity and is quite the little daredevil.  Jack is brilliant and intense with a loving heart.  Every day is a new adventure with these two.
Today, Thomas went over and laid his head in Jack's lap and Jack played with his hair.  It was such a peaceful moment.  It didn't last long, and soon Jack pushed him away, but for those few moments I was in Mommy Heaven.

Here in Mexico, Mother's Day was celebrated today, so Happy Mother's Day! 


Z. Marie said...

Is that first photo Thomas' scary face? Whatever he's aiming for, it's pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh just LOOK at those adorable little punkins. I remember those days! They go by so quickly...

Emily said...

lol I agree with Z.Marie. Those boys are the cutest right alongside my 2 little ones.
How lucky are we to be Mommy's to such sweet little boys!?