The Post Where I Brag About My Child in Order to Validate My Parenting Skills.

Thomas walked! He took two steps without assistance and without falling. The kid is amazingly advanced (he is only ten months one week and six days).
See pediatrician, you were mistaken, I am a good parent- my kid can walk. Take that.


A Daring Adventure said...


Stupid pediatrician, anyway.

BTW, love the Jack in the box! LOL!!

(Sorry! Couldn't help myself!)

Emily said...

He totally looks like Jack. Do you think they look alike?

And YAY Thomas! Walking is cool!

Jen said...

Go, Thomas! See, I told you, doctors don't know everything! And, go you!

Z. Marie said...

Yay, Thomas!
Owen still hasn't walked, and he'll be 1 next week.

Bfiles said...

I like #1 kid in the box, too. :)
Congrats guys, and sorry...10 mos is so early!

Liz said...

Yea for Yhomas! That is awesome! How could anyone doubt your parenting skills with such an advanced little man? Too cute!

I am not really sure the proper way to answer questions on my blog. So I will answer you on your blog I guess! LOL I am 30 weeks this week and my due date is July 30th. This pregnancy has been amazing, I haven't been sick or anything at all. I am excited that in only 10 more weeks I will get to dress her in all the little girl clothes that I have gotten.