What a Wednesday.

It all started when Ben called me to tell me that there was a major water main break here, and that our house was affected. Our water had been shut off. Luckily, we have a cistern that stores water for such events, hopefully our cistern lasts until the water is turned back on. We do have enough drinking water, at least we have that going for us. The city expects to turn on the water on Friday, but that is just an estimate. I really hope that it is turned on that soon. The only one in our family that is thrilled at the prospect of not being able to bathe is Jack. Oh, Jack.

A few minutes after I found out that we had to limit our water, I went to turn on the TV and it wouldn’t turn on. I called Best Buy because we had a repair plan, and they said they could fix it, but they would have to send someone to our house. Umm...yeah, we live in Mexico. In order to get the TV fixed we would have to bring it into the store. Since Ben and I cannot live without TV, and because we can, we went up to San Diego to the nearest Best Buy to have it looked at. They told us that it would be a few weeks before they would be able to have it back to us. This was unacceptable. I might cease to exist without TV. Fortunately for us, it happens to be Memorial Day weekend, which means there are sales everywhere, including Best Buy. (Do you see where this is going?) We NEEDED it. What do want us to do, actually talk to each other, spend quality time not staring at a TV, play with our kids and not use the TV to fill the hours in between bedtimes? I don't think so. We bought a TV. We had to go to a second Best Buy because the store didn't have the one we wanted, sadly in the twenty minutes it took us to get there, the TV was sold. Ben was so frustrated, he looked around, found the one with all the specs he wanted and said, "that one, I want that one". I just about passed out. This could not be my husband standing in front of me. I don't think he has ever made such a quick decision on a purchase in his life. Apparently, the prospect of having to spend every night for the next two to three weeks just listening/talking to me was enough for him to become an impulsive shopper.


Lisonbee said...

in times of crisis we now know Ben can step up to the plate!! Well done!

A Daring Adventure said...

You are the absolute funniest thing!

"What do you want us to do, actually talk to each other..."

ROTFL! (Of course, it's only funny because I know it's just in good fun and that you guys actually DO talk to each other! LOL!) You're too funny.

Glad you have a TV!

Emily said...

I am glad you found the humor. I am going to take this opportunity to let anyone who reads this blog know that I often use humor, and try not to take myself too seriously. For example, my post about validating my parenting skills because Thomas walked- I really don't think that it makes me a good parent, in fact most developmental milestones for at least the first few years come regardless of the parenting skills. (Thank goodness.)
So now you know.

Tracy said...

Hahahaha! I feel the same love of TV. What would I do without it? (Hopefully I'll never have to find out).