Are you ready?

Jack is.

Soccer.  World Cup.  Mexico vs. South Africa.  First Game.  Tomorrow.
In case you didn't know, soccer (futbol) is kind of a big deal here.  I enjoy watching soccer and understand a little bit (thanks to many games with the Horgan Family).  However, I probably wouldn't even know the World Cup was happening except for the fact that we live in Mexico.  
Since I am here, I will enjoy the excitement.  Why not, right?  When in Mexico!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...the worldcup soccer its a big thing in southamerica... You are living the crazyness of soccermanía right now... hahahaha...
Yesterday, Julio woke up at 5.00 in the morning because he needed to be at work at 7.00am, because he and his co-workers were going to watch the game together, eating pizza (a very chilean way , right??? hahahaha) and they are planning to make a bbq on this next friday (second game of Chile) and if Chile win again... they are going to the main square to celebrate!
My youngest brother spend the night over a friend´s house with all his friends, and they ate completos (a kind of chilean hot dog). they missed classes yesterday (anyways the classes were canceled).
People on the streets celebrating! yesterday was a crazy day!!! I can´t imagine if Chile continuous winning and go to the next level of the worldcup soccer...

Connie said...

I am not interested in team sports, really, but it is hard not to get excited! The games are big here in Jordan too and there are international flags everywhere. Very festive, and yes, I've even watched (and enjoyed) several matches!