A Bull Fight.

Ben and I went to a bull fight this weekend.  It was not as gruesome as I expected, but still the bull dies in the end.  For me, I enjoyed the pageantry of it all and tried to enjoy the cultural aspect of the bull fight.  Although, I wish there was someone there to explain some of the history behind the bullfight.  I guess that is what google is for.  It was also fun because we went with a group of people.  That always makes events more exciting.   

I tried to pick some of the blood free pictures. 

These guys were the highlight for me.  Let me tell you first, that before they entered the ring, I saw at least half of them making the Sign of the Cross.  From my point of view, they have one of the most dangerous jobs. 
After the bull had been worn down a little bit (but not too much), these guys get into the ring.  They line up and wait for the bull to charge.  Then the front guy grabs onto the horns and jumps on.  Then the guys standing in the line help to grab the bull and stop him.  It didn't work every time, and a few of the guys were trampled.  At the end we saw a guy with a bandaged hand and a guy that was grabbing at his chest in pain.  Seriously, it was crazy.


A Daring Adventure said...

I will say that I'm glad you guys got to out with other folks... that I'm glad you had a good time... and that you look totally stunning in that picture of you guys!

David L. said...

Very, very cool. I hope there is bull fighting not terribly far from Hermosillo because I'd love to check it out.

Rebekah said...

You have the AWESOME-EST adventures!

Jessica said...

I've always thought that a bull fight would be really awful to watch. How scary to be those guys!

But now you can add "attend a bull fight" on to your list of life time experiences.

Anonymous said...

you went "a una corrida de toros"!!! wuau...!!! that is a very spanish tradition from our hispanic heritage.
some latin countries make corridas de toros like Mexico. In Chile we have "Rodeos", is kind of Corrida de toros but with no killing the bulls. The "huasos" (chilean cowboys) kills the bulls after the rodeo when people is not around. Also they don´t hurt the bulls they just pushing them from one way to another. Also they kill the bulls to eat them as a way to finish the championship and celebrate.