Happy Fathers Day.  We love you.

All Ben wanted to do was take a nap for Fathers Day, but the boys had a different idea.  The first picture was right after church, Ben was able to shut his eyes until Jack came over and told him to wake up.
The second picture Ben was trying to shut his eyes again and the boys attacked. 

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A Daring Adventure said...

Oh no! Oh, look at poor Ben. Poor Ben!! All he wanted was a nap on Father's Day!!

I'm sorry, but I do have to admit that these pictures were so cute they made me chuckle. Because I totally remember being the wife and watching the two little boys wanting DADDY! I've never been the husband, desperate for a nap! :)

Tell poor Ben that some day (soon!), the boys will want video games, etc. and not Dad. And on that day forward, he can have his nap. :)