Because I have so much to offer.

I have been reading (stalking) some blogs lately, and I have come across SEVERAL tutorials.  I really have no crafting/sewing/creating skills, but I REALLY have the desire to fit in with the cool bloggers. 

Here is my tutorial on giving yourself a pedicure.

Step ONE:

Type:   Nail Salon in (ADD YOUR CITY) into GOOGLE.

Step TWO:

Research Nail Salons listed.  You will want to choose your nail salon based on websites.  The nail salon with the best website wins.  If there are no websites available (WHERE DO YOU LIVE?)  then you will have to choose the salon with the most original and creative name.  Believe me, if they can come up with a great name, they can definitely do nails.


Make an appointment.  Have your assistant do this, I happen to be fortunate enough to have two assistants who LOVE to make calls for me. 

(My Assistants)

Step FOUR:

Wear flip flops or other sandals to appointments or you will have to wear those funny ones the salon provides. 

(A little awkward if you are to be walking around a mall, going out to dinner, or to the movies directly after your pedicure, just saying.)

Step FIVE:

BE ON TIME.  That way you can fully relax and take advantage of time away from your assistants. 

Step SIX:

Choose a great color, or perhaps, go for a nice French tip pedicure.  A very classy look that goes with just about anything.  Choices, choices. 


Sit back and relax and let your pedicurist work his/her magic.



Leave a GENEROUS TIP.  I am serious.   They just touched your feet (something my sweet husband cannot be paid enough to do) and didn't make any funny noises or gag when they rubbed off all your dead skin with one of those scrubber things.  REALLY GROSS. 

Step NINE:

Enjoy your pretty toes. 

(My own toes after I followed my own tutorial.  Pretty in pink.  I feel better already.)

I would love to see how this tutorial has worked for you, please send pictures of how you did!
Feel free to ask any additional questions.  Not to brag or anything, but I consider myself an EXPERT at this sort of thing. 

This tutorial can also be modified to fit many different tasks.  How to give yourself a nice haircut, or how to find someone to wax your upper lip/eyebrows/any other thing that needs to be waxed, or how to get an incredible massage. 
Really, the possibilities are endless.  See how helpful I am?


Just US said...

Hahahaha! My favorite step was to enjoy time away from the assistants. What a great tutorial! :)

A Daring Adventure said...


Girl, you crack me up!!

And what a great pedicure! Love it...

The Teeples Times said...

Too funny!! I happen to be an expert in that area too, well, not really, I just pick off my old polish, then finally one week later, get around to re-painting them. And of course, they don't look as good as the professionals do them. Oh well!! Maybe I do need to follow your tutorial steps!! Hope you enjoyed your quiet time!

Anja said...

Emily you are so cute! I love it!

Camille said...


Lisonbee said...

went last night....went well, followed steps to the dot and had a sucessful pedicure. Thank you oh my nail pedicure guru. :o)Now though Child 1 wants her toes done!ya right.

Janalu said...

hilarious. I would love to hear your assistants call the nail salon...in Mexico...and request an appointment in spanish:)