The border line is a very exciting place. You can buy food, souvenirs, Chiclets, and special treasures including life-sized crosses. There are even guys with rags that clean/dust cars. I have never taken advantage of this service because wiping/dusting a car with dirty rags just doesn't seem very productive. This evening there was a particularly long wait at the border, and there were a lot of these guys around, trying to "clean" cars. A few of them passed me, and I said no, and they moved on. Then there was one that started wiping my car. I tried to make eye contact to get him to stop, but he was avoiding my not so subtle wave off. He kept going and going, wiping the car. I was about to honk the horn, but I decided I liked his ambition, so I gave him some money. I might be getting soft, however, I really appreciate the people that sell things or offer to wash people’s cars. They want money, but they are not just standing on the side of the street with a sign. They are trying to do something to "earn" their money. I think that while maybe not the best way to earn money, it counts for something.

One more thing exciting that happened when I was crossing the border tonight, one of the drug dogs sat down next to one of the cars next to me. (Note: if a drug dog sits down next to your car, it's a bad day.)


David L. said...

We were riding around in Hermosillo with a friend who only gives tips to people for listening to her when she tells them to not wash her car. And I've seen some more severe reactions including people who spray their windshield wiper fluid if a beggar doesn't get the picture.

Emily said...

You were nice to leave a tip...musta been kinda annoying to have to though!

Yikes thank goodness that dog didn't accidentally hang out next to your car!

Connie said...

I also appreciate people who would rather work than beg, although some of them get rude too, esp when it's a 'regular' on your commute. And I hate it when the 'bathroom attendants' supervise the TP and hand you a 'share' when you arrive, you know, to let you know who's in charge of the bathroom and gets the tip! In Cairo I used to regularly buy flowers and tissues from the street guys all the time. I feel rather stingy here as I haven't supported anyone yet... but they do not have anything I want, well, except flowers, but I can't have those in the house with young cats!

Just US said...

When I was younger and we would cross the border, it was always little boys out "washing" the cars. They were probably 6 or 7 years old. I used to wonder if their moms even knew where they were.

Glad to hear the dog did not sit down at your car! That would have made for an adventure!

Janalu said...

My Grampa said the best car wash he ever got was from a Mexican guy with a crummy rag and bucket of dirty water and it was 5 bucks!

Lisonbee said...

I thought I read that the dog stopped at your car....hahha. Well, idiots who think they can get it by should have a bad day I suppose.