Fun Day.

Whenever Jack is having a good time, he turns to me and says "today is a fun day".  It is the cutest thing. 

Today has been fun already.  Jack finished the craft he has been working on for the last few days. 
(I don't think it was supposed to take so long, but I am a little crafty challenged.)

Thomas started saying "cheese", with the most goofy grin. 

 I was wearing a jean jacket this morning and Thomas tried to pull it off, and Jack told me to stop wearing pants on my arms.  They are both in denial that summer is coming to an end.  The good thing is the weather here is wonderful, just the mornings and the evenings are chilly.  The daytime temps are in the high 70's.  Isn't that glorious?  Yes it is.

The only thing that could be better is we are without hot water- when I went to leave this morning, our water heater was spraying water from a hole that was NOT supposed to be there.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon, or we will all be taking COLD showers.

Oh, and my birthday is a week away.  I think a party is in order.  What do you think? 


Anne said...

There are so many darling things to comment on this post. The fun day comment, the craft, the face, the arm pants. Love it.

Yes, the birthday girl deserves a party, complete with a pinata!

Jessica said...

If you are feeling ambivalent at all about your birthday then go with the party for sure. I am so glad that I did lots to celebrate my 30th, because I was dreading it and it ended up being one of my best birthdays ever.

Anja said...

you totally deserve a party...in SLC...we could have a fun one.....

Just US said...

Why are you wearing pants on your arms? :) I love that thought!!! He is such a cutie