Husband Appreciation Week (HAW)

Ben returned on Saturday from an eight day trip for work. In case you were wondering, he told me he had to go on this trip to save the world. Really. Saving the world. Really? I mean, I was here with the kids all week, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, sleeping alone, watching TV alone. You know, it was pretty lonely. My only consolation was that Ben was saving the world.

Ben called me during his trip and told me he was staying in one of the nicest hotels he had ever stayed in, there was a mall close, and he was catching up on his You Tube viewing. I was a little jealous. When he told me this, I started questioning the whole, "husband goes away for a week and saves the world is a good idea" and started the "when does the wife/mom get to go on a trip to stay in a nice hotel and walk around the mall without kids?"

When he was saving the world, I was saving our sanity. Almost every day was spent trying to spend time exhausting the energy of a three year old and a very active one year old. We went to the Zoo, we went the beach, the park, the mall, the grocery store. Anything and everything we could think of in order to get the kiddos, and myself an opportunity to leave the house and distract us all from counting down the hours to bedtime. It worked out well, and we made it to the end without any of us losing any limbs or our sanity. It was actually a pretty great week.

We had so much fun, but I missed Ben every night when the boys were asleep and the house was quiet. It was tough not to have him help out with the boys at bath time, bedtime, and dinner time. The hardest part for me is the evening witching hour. You know, the time that usually makes all of our days a little better, when Ben walks through the door after a long day at work. The magical time when the boys hear the garage door closing, they run to the door with big smiles, and Jack yells "Daddy's home, daddy's home!" That is my favorite part of the day, and it was missed.

Now Ben is home, and for the next week he has a little time off. It is awesome.

Did anyone notice the difference in the world last week from Ben saving it? 

I just noticed it when he came home.

Back to real life.


JCooper said...

Em, I just love reading your blog. It always makes me smile. Glad your hubby is back to give you some relief. I think it's your turn to save the world now! :)

jasonandjodie said...

Glad Ben is back and so glad that you had a good week! I always look forward to the end of the day when Jason comes home and it's really hard if he's even an hour late (that hour always seems like forever). You're awesome! And tell Ben it's so good to know that we've got someone like him out there saving the world.

Emily said...

I agree with JCooper. I was going to tell you that I love reading your blog and you've really become a great little writer. You have such great stories and maybe one day, YOU actually will save the world!

Jessica said...

I smile as you talk about that magical time when daddy comes home. My hubbie always says it makes him feel like a rock star. Like you said...they hear the garage and him coming through the door...then its all smiles and high energy "daddy!!" Children at their cutest.

Just US said...

Boys and their need to save the world! :) You are saving the world 2 little boys at a time. I am glad he is home safe and sound! I always quietly sing the song "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" as he walks through the door!

Bryn said...

I know that Ben's help was GREATLY appreciated by everyone here!! And that hotel is fantasic.

I know exactly what you mean by "daddy's home!" Sometimes a mom needs a breather!

A Daring Adventure said...

Well of COURSE we know how great a job Ben did last week for - see?

The world. It still exists.

Mission Accomplished.

So while Ben saved The World, *you* were busy saving your own little World as well. Good job, Mama. Good job keeping your World together in his absence.

LOVE the picture of Ben watering the lawn. Hilarious!

A and L Stapley said...

Actually I did notice a difference last week, a little less crime and a lot more smiling faces, he must have been working HARD saving the world one youtube video at a time. I'm glad you made it through the week!

Connie said...

Ben did a great time, sorry we had to borrow him for a week. You definitely deserve a prize for working extra hard taking care of future world savers while he was away. One of the many wonderful things that we gained when I quit work a couple years ago now, is that magical 'Daddy's home!" moment! When I worked, we both held the same hours, same office, our evenings were late, short, and chaotic. Kids were tired, we were tired, and we went straight into 'catch-up' mode. Now, I'm here when the kids get home from school, their homework and extra-curricular activities are done, dinner's cooking, they're playing, and when Brad's key turns in the door, kids (and cats) come running for Daddy! (I do too) It is a special moment!

Connie said...

Job, not time... sometimes I forget how to use my native language.

Jill said...

Night times are always the hardest part ... the end of a long day when you just look forward to those extra set of hands. I felt your pain sister!

When Matt used to go on those trips I would silently curse him when he'd tell me all about the hotels, nice dinners, and interesting places he went ... hmmm... not so much right now. :)

Glad he's back and all is right in the world. Literally.