Kind of Sad.

I am going to turn 29 in about two weeks. I don't know how I feel about it yet. One part of me realizes that it is not a big deal; the other part of me is having a hard time breathing. My twenties have been AWESOME. Really, quite amazing. It has been an eventful decade, in fact, every year I have had at least one life changing event occur. As I look into the next year, we don't have anything planned, so I am hoping that instead of having a life changing event occur, making it a stellar year because that is how it should be. Go out with a bang. That sounds great, right?  That was the plan until Ben came home last night.

It was a busy day of laundry and recovering from a week of adventures. I didn't really do much to get ready for the day. I wore my pajamas all day, until ten minutes before Ben came home I changed into clothes. No make-up, hair in a pony-tail, and casual. Nothing amazing, but at least I was clean (and the laundry was all done).

Ben came in, looked at me, and started rubbing my eye, trying to get something off. Then he stopped, said, "Oh, I think you need some more sleep. You have bags under your eyes, and really dark circles."
Can you say devastating?
Here I am thinking life is good, 29 is going to be awesome, and now I am researching Botox and plastic surgery. Perhaps that will be my life changing event of 29, a good round of plastic surgery.
I guess I could just sleep more, but that certainly isn't as dramatic or nearly as fun. Going to bed earlier means less time to myself, less time to stalk read blogs and find the end of the Internet.


Liz said...

Emily you look awesome! I think every mom on the planet has bags and circles under their eyes. I think the important thing to remember though is that you have two beautiful boys who cause those circles, that love you anyway. You should tell Ben to be nice to you and be grateful you took the time to get dressed in real clothes before he came home. LOL I wear pajamas all day everyday, unless I am going out somewhere fancy like Wal-Mart. Now that is sad! LOL
I am sure that this will be an amazing year for you, full of all kinds of great experiences.

Anne said...

I found your blog as part of my efforts to locate and read every single blog written by people in the foreign service and I am loving yours so far. It sounds like you're enjoying your assignment in San Diego er...Tijuana.

Jen said...

29? 29? Ack...I'm off to the senior center now...and if you want to see baggy eyes...

I think 29 will be great for you...happy early birthday!

Janalu said...

Matt always says really nice things like that like " your legs look great in that skirt, except for those little blue vein things" yeah thanks babe. I feel you.

Jill said...

Oh that's just boys not knowing the right thing to say.

Forget about his comment, you are beautiful and you look FABULOUS!

Ahhh... to be 29 again. Enjoy it. Enjoy the end of your 20's.

But I'll admit, I feel fabulous in my late 30's.

Lisonbee said...

ask Ben what his excuse is? ha!

Just US said...

Go to bed early? Does any Mom ever go to bed early? I have yet to meet one. If you have bags under your eyes it is to be considered your "battle scar" for being a Mom. :) Enjoy being 29 and happy early birthday!

Bfiles said...

I'm w the others. You look fabulous, and 29? Enjoy it.

A Daring Adventure said...

What EVER.

If you're old, I'm a fossilized old HAG.

Wait. I actually AM a fossilized old hag. Except that you're still young.

You're YOUNG. You're super duper massively way young. And I'll bet you've caught up on your sleep by now and your eyes look normal. THE. END.

Jessica said...

Ah, husbands. Sometimes they are so brilliant. I just bought some anti-aging skin care products, I will let you know if I see any differences on myself. I figure its better to start now and expect reasonable results than wait 15 or 20 years and desperately want dramatic results. How much can one face cream do after all?