Time for Jack.

Jack preparing himself to be in the Dolphin Show at Sea World.

At the Zoo.

Playing cars with Dad.

It is time that Jack had some pictures put up of him.  These days, it is hard to take a picture of Jack if he knows about it.  
He is a typical three year old figuring out that he has opinions and that he knows EVERYTHING.  The things he says make me laugh, and it is always in such a matter-of-fact way, that it is hard to argue with him.
I love the little guy. 


Just US said...

I love the floaties on his legs! What a character! It is funny to see our same coffee table and end tables in your pictures.

Connie said...

He is a cutie! I remember floors full of cars like that! I often find myself feeling guilty for posting more photos of my daughter than my son, but he tends to be off doing his own thing, while my daughter is attached to the camera carrier, aka, me. ah well.. I get him when I can :)

Liz said...

Jack seems like a really cute little character. I love the floaties on his legs! I love pictures of daddys playing with the kids! Good times!