Rare Occasion. Really Rare.

The boys needed haircuts.  Quite desperately.  I didn't tell Jack my plan in fear of the complaining, crying and fit that would follow.  I waited until I parked the car and we were walking up to the hair place.  He told me that we couldn't go today, we would have to wait until tomorrow.  He was a little nervous until he saw the cool seats (remember the cool haircut place) and relaxed.  He loved it.  He kept looking at himself in the mirror and telling the lady that his hair looked great.  It was awesome. Unfortunately, Thomas cried the entire time, but you know, when there is only one kid to comfort, it is totally do-able.

After the haircuts, we went to a shoe store.  Jack was completely happy making faces in front of the mirror while I searched for some shoes.  Because he had been so good, I told him we could go to the toy store.  We went, played, and had a great time.  We stayed there for an hour, and when it was time to go, Jack just stood up and we walked out.  No crying, fussing, or complaining.  At this point it was lunch time.  I knew that Jack could lose it at any moment, but I really wanted to find some shoes, so we went through Macy's and looked for about ten minutes.  At this point, I was waiting for the hysterics, but it never happened.  We stopped for lunch and played at a play place.  When I told him it was time to go, again he had no problems, and told me it was a good idea, that we needed to go home. 

Totally unreal.  This has NEVER happened before, and it might not happen again.  Honestly, we have not all gone out to run errands without some sort of breakdown, EVER.  However, I am going to enjoy it.  All day I told him how great he was, what a good boy he was being, and how grateful I was that he was so well behaved.
I am recording this so if it truly never happens again, I can remember this day.

Both boys after their haircuts.

I told Jack to smile, but he told me he wanted to be sad.

Then he smiled.


A Daring Adventure said...


Seriously, girl, this will slowly become your new normal. The older the children get, the better life gets!!!


Bfiles said...

they look adorable!
what a great day. You may have done this already, but when my son does great cooperating, I make sure to mention it that night (with specifics- "when I said it was time to leave the toy store, you got up and came nicely w/o crying!") and the next day and give him a cooperation sticker. Helps to reinforce. Hope it continues!

Anonymous said...

your son is so funny... I think he is growing up so fast and you can tell he is.

my little brother also makes funny faces every time we took a picture of him.... that is the best thing of been kid or teeneger...they are funny!! just enjoy those moments with your son because how you...probably won´t ever happen again...lol!!!

Daniela Swider said...

Cute haircuts!

Yey for those rare occasions. May they become the norm in your family!

Connie said...

They are very handsome with their new haircuts, and wow! what awesome behavior :) I believe that, just like physical growth, emotions and maturity have sudden growth spurts too. At least with my kids, new behaviors seem to just 'click' on. Perhaps Jack grew a new 'inch' of maturity :) ??

Emily said...

LOL I was seriously cracking up through this whole post.

Sounds like someone is finally growing up! Go Emily! Um, I mean Jack!? Jk ;)

That is just too cute and the pics really topped it all off. I just love your cute boys!

Just US said...

YEAH Jack!!! Good job on making the day enjoyable for everyone! His haircut looks so cute on him!!

Jessica said...

All the stars aligned! It is definitely worth recording when things go that well. Hooray for Jack! He looks so cute in those pictures too--more grown up.